Q  Are the prices of all watch and jewelry purchases at GASSAN in the transit area of Schiphol (after security) actually lower than those of downtown shops in the Netherlands?
A  Yes, our prices are based on the recommended retail price minus the Dutch VAT rate of 21%. An exception is the ‘dual pricing’ of Rolex watches which is applicable in the GASSAN Watches & Jewelry in departure hall 1. Please refer to the Q&A on the dual pricing of Rolex watches below.

Q  Does my flight destination make a difference to the prices of GASSAN products? I’ve heard that I can’t shop tax-free on flights within the EU?
A  The tax free prices apply to all GASSAN products, regardless of the destination of the flight except for the Rolex brand in the GASSAN Watches & Jewelry located in departure hall 1.

Q What do you mean by ‘dual pricing’of Rolex watches in the GASSAN Watches & Jewelry in departure hall 1?

A Since 1 July 2018, passengers who travel tot EU destinations within the Schengen (departure hall 1) area will pay the recommended Retail prices including VAT. However wehn travelling tot non-EU countries such as Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and the Canary Island, you will pay the taks free/See Buy Fly price. See Buy Fly prices for Non-Schengen passengers in departure hall 2 and 3 remain at the taks free level.

Q  Do I have to declare the purchased goods on my return to the Netherlands?
A  Please refer to www.schiphol.nl-douane where you will find up-to-date information concerning Tax Free/See Buy Fly shopping at Schiphol as well as information on customs clearance upon your return to the Netherlands.

Q  Does the tax-free price also apply to GASSAN Plaza?
A  The prices at GASSAN Plaza, located in the public area before security, include 21% Dutch VAT.  However, customers who are non E.U. residents are eligible to apply for tax refund via the Global Blue Tax Refund.

Q  Can I still go elsewhere, outside of Schiphol, for warranty/repair?
A  Yes, the purchased items come with a minimum worldwide guarantee of 2 years. Please approach the Service Centres of the specific brands in your home country for service or repair.