GASSAN Schiphol offers a bit of everything for everyone. If you are looking for a watch, beautiful jewellery and/or a sparkling diamond, you have come to the right place. After security, it is often possible to purchase our products at tax-free prices*.

In addition, GASSAN Schiphol offers various services, such as changing a watch battery (up to 5 ATM waterproof), cleaning your jewellery, minor jewellery repairs (in consultation with our goldsmith), and customisation of your jewellery and watches purchased from us. You can also have your newly selected diamond set with us in various 18K gold settings. For more inspiration, check out HOUSE of GASSAN.

After the security check, you will find 14 GASSAN Schiphol sales locations. You can find us in departure halls 1, 2 and 3, where you can find the generic GASSAN Watches & Jewellery & Diamonds shops. There is also a Swatch sales location in departure hall 1.

In departure hall 2 there is an Cartier Espace, you can also visit the Rolex Boutique, OMEGA Boutique and Montblanc Boutique in the Luxury World.

Finally, apart from our multi-brand shops, we also have an OMEGA Boutique and GASSAN Trends sales location in departure hall 3 where you can find the latest models of popular jewellery and watch brands.

For the most current opening hours, please click here.

*Exception is Rolex purchases in departure hall 1 for passengers residing within Schengen/EU.


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