Setting diamonds in jewelry
Setting diamonds in jewelry
Goldsmith workshop

GASSAN Schiphol has a professional Goldsmiths’ workshop. You can present your jewellery or watch for repair at one of our GASSAN Schiphol sales locations. After a technical assessment, we will decide whether your jewellery or watch can be handled by one of our experienced goldsmiths or watchmakers.

The goldsmiths are available from 07:00 to 20:00* and guarantee the careful performance of various jobs, including:

  • Battery change, up to 5ATM waterproof.
  • Minor repairs to watches and jewellery.
  • Tailoring of watch bands and rings.
  • Cleaning of watches and jewellery.
  • Having loose diamonds set in various 18K gold settings.

For any additional costs, please consult one of our professional sales staff. If you have any other qeustions before your arrival or flight, you can contact us at

* with special attention to different opening hours.

Watch service and repairs
Watch service and repairs